It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-18 18:27:59 (UTC)

the fear i see when i look in your eyes...

...makes you believe im one of a kind" that's rob van dam's
theme music. one of the better WWE theme songs. plus RVD is
one of the better wrestlers. i liked him better back in EC
dub, but what can i do.
i have the entire day off today. i cashed my check, put
some $$$ in the bank so i can pay my phone bill and my visa
bill. i've gotta start saving money. i spent just about
every cent i made over the summer, but during the winter, i
saved so much. i didn't spend shit.
im supposed to chill with joe later, but im gonna see
if rich wants to do something, then all of us will chill or
something. maybe ill see what lauren's up to. i kinda wanna
shoot pool.
im gonna get up outta here. no, wait. today is october
the 18th, bout this time last year, i was pissed off at
andrea. so on the 19th, i dumped her. it's been one year.
sweetest day is tomorrow, i dumped her on the day before
sweetest, and on our "7 month anniversary". whatever that
is. she's IMin me now. weird. PEACE


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