Thoughts to Share
2002-10-18 17:44:55 (UTC)

Part II

So ok, we went to the football game, right? Last time we
went during the monsoon season, and I was soaken wet and
freezing during the 4, 5 hour drive home. So-I took plenty
of clothes. I mean....probably 4 or 5 shirts, extra pants,
socks, you name it, I probably had it. This time....I was
perhaps a bit over-prepared. It was sunny. Did I bring
sunscreen? Heck no. Did I get burnt? Oh yes. Face,
arms, part, even a flip-flop tan. Aloe became my new best
friend and most of me has peeled by now.
After the game we took Daniel out to eat since cafeteria
food gets old quickly. It was just us...and the rest of
WCU there. Got home late. Stayed up to give Sparkles a
bath, do some laundry and talk to Bridget Elise.