Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:30:08 (UTC)


I sit alone, Letting the moonight kiss my face
Wishing it were you, my dark-eyed suitor.

Master of Secrets, where shall our intrigues
lead us this starry, velvet night?

Goddess Night has unfurled the spendor
of her raven wings, that they may envelope
my spirit in warm slumber.

No sooner than my eyes close,
I'm in your world of secrets.

I smile and embrace the tremulous dawnings
of your Dream World, and, unafraid, I anticipate
your arrival.

My beaming white prince, you arrive at last!

I run, but stop short to marvel at your shining
splendor, before I succumb to your hoofmusic.

Your shy, tentative touch and pricked ears
makes me hopelessly devoted to you always.

With a trembling hand I grasp your manes long strands.

I breathe your satin hide and sit on your back.

Our spirits unite and you carry me from myself.