The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-10-18 17:38:59 (UTC)

4 Short Poems


Wanting satisfaction
Anything you want
When good seems forever
Curiosity satisfied me
But someone thought waiting
Brought yourself to a soul
I’m home miserable thinking
You’re back
So catch me

Speak of Yoursef

Speak of yourself
You’re happy now
Wanting forever
Wanting love
While someone else doesn’t
When I’m to be bonded together
With your soul
Just love wanting me
I’m good at that


Seeing your soul
Brought me to you
Your lips quiver
As my eyes take you in
I want what is yours
I want what I can’t have
You’re my glow
My powerful ally
See what I see

It’s All Good

All is good
As I lay there
Hairs stand on end
Mouths touch one another
Fingers move over the earth
Body’s quake in the sand
Is this real?
Hold me now
Don’t let go

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