Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:27:04 (UTC)

Filthy You

From the moment you scooped my quivering wet body in your
and lifted me from my mother's forever-still body you knew.

From the moment you lifted the bottle to my mouth
and breathed your breath onto my dark little face you knew
then, too.

You were more sure of it when you played tag with me in the
scratched my favorite furry spots
fed me sweet treats
and called me your "tiny angel".

Yet you still let me impale my torpid self on the jagged
that is true love.

Your betrayal started when you put the cloth on my back
and I danced sideways, my roaned hide becoming clammy
but calming at your touch and voice

it increased with the piece of iron
the expensive saddle,
and each and every light, shimmering step in the tanbark

yet i loved you so.
I was proud to carry you under the hot, humming lights
I was delighted and honored to accept silver and blue
for you.
FOR your love, I sacrificed my body and my spirit.

I soon became very aware of "the time" to come.
Your visits were less.
your words weren't sweet but tired and sour
your hands never caressed my now-ivory coat
but instead were held at your side
as mud and my own filth crusted my
thin, washboarded, scarred sides.

My brilliant onyx eyes
my stiletto ears
my silken tresses
dum, dull, tangled

I loved you.
I gave everythign for you.
I stretched my neck
lifted my legs
pricked my ears
to their very, quivering limits
for your glory and exhultation
in that stupid world of humans
you so wish to belong in

you dirty, rotten, scavenging
filthy, lying

You KNEW my fate, KNEW my purpose,
and yet you allow me to live my whole life
WILLINGLY under your saddle.
Did you just not CARE that I had fallen for you?
Didn't you KNOW that I didn't eat so you could?
didn't sleep when I heard you cough or complain?
froze so you could look stylish?

you broke me.
you broke my trust.

I LOATHE my untimely birth into your arms
I detest the thought of your once-relished touch
I flinch from meeting your callus eyes

Oh, Master. I'm sorry.. I take it back

I implore thee..

It's cold and I can't see anymore..
As I slip off into the world I belong in,
Please hold my face and call me your Angel once more.
For if I hear that, I have closure.
Ah, Darkness, I greet you...