Poni Tales
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2001-08-05 03:22:16 (UTC)


I was so very tired.
I didn't want to live
so I crawled up and
out of the dark stinking hole of my heart
and had a look around.

To the left was Fluffland.
Oh, all those silly little fluffies
playing and laughing and
All was pink and white
and so beautiful that
I wiped a tear from my face.
I ran to join them

but on the way a darkness
lept in front of me to warn me
that fluffland was only an illusion
a cover and not good for me at all.

I turned to look from reality
from some good days
to some bad days
to happiness to sadness.

Reality was real,
but in reality,
pain really hurts.
People really die.
friends really leave
and the odds just didn't look very good.

I said "thank you very kindly,
Mr. Wakeup Call,
but if you'll step aside,
I have some serious fluffing to do.

For you see, to some
fluff is the only escape they have.
why would you take my precious
fluff away?

would you take away a dying
man's morphine?
tell a Christian
that they're living a lie, a joke?

ignorance is bliss
fluff is bliss.

I'll not have you take my fluff today
or ever.

not on a board
not with a sword
not with reason
tis NOT the season

I do not like reality so stuff it.
if you don't like my fluff
then leave or tuff it....

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