Meshed Up
2002-10-18 15:58:13 (UTC)

gal pals

it's always nice to be missed. especially if you know that
the person who told you that is honest and sincere.

lechel, debbie, and maricel. my high school gal pals whom i
feel i will stay in touch with for the rest of my life.
we've been together through thick and thin mostly. shared
laughter and tears and other things.

we met other people whom we hung out with for quite a
while. lenny, gail, clarice...all these other girls who we
connected with. lenny, gail, debbie, and i even realized
that our personalities matched the four seasons in a year.

lenny is winter: she can be cold, bitchy, and raises her
left eyebrow a lot especially when she's annoyed. she
hardly lets anybody know the real her. there's always a
wall put up, an icy wall that hardly anybody has broken.

gail is spring: always cheerful, happy. she brings life to
every corner of a room without even trying. she's a
talented painter and an aspiring fashion designer. her
designs have been displayed by certain stores already and
apparently they sold pretty well.

debbie is summer: she's gorgeous, she's hot, and guys gawk
at her. studying architecture now, she's the girl who
anybody can get along with because of her gentle smile and
her large comforting eyes.

and i am autumn: described by my friends as sad yet
beautiful, i'm the girl who always has burdens weighing
upon her shoulders. leaves die and flutter to the ground
but some people appreciate this scene and find it
beautiful. i was the girl who was constantly tearful yet
was trying hard to be cheerful enough for others.

maricel, although not part of the four seasons (cuz we ran
out of seasons), is equally as important to all of us.
she's blunt, she can be tactless, but she's caring and
she's nice. she looks out for her friends a lot and is
always there to listen whenever we need someone to talk to.

lechel, my so-called fellow communist. this girl and i
connect in a level that some of our other friends don't
really understand (or care about). willechellee (her full
name) is the closest gal pal that i have in this group of
friends. she has continuous struggles within her, she's
smart, she's deep, and perhaps, ideological.

some stories are and will always be difficult to tell. yet
in this circle of friends, there is hardly any story too
difficult to tell. it's always nice to talk to people who
you know will not condemn you even if you have committed
the worst of all mistakes. and i've realized, that these
people, will never condemn me for who or what i am. and i
too will never condemn them for their mistakes.

so to all my girlfriends back home, even if i know you will
never be able to read this, i want you all to know that i
love you girls very much. =b cheers.