Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:20:18 (UTC)

the pleasure of Pain

Tears- blinding, streaming
they burn my nose and
make me want to gag as they
tighten my throat.

My whole face reddens and hurts.
My chest hiccups
and I babble incoherently
as I sob.

It feels so good.

Sorrow's Ultimate orgasm
is the hiccuping wail to nothing.
the long, naked wallow
on the prickles and razors
of self-pity and loathing.

who needs a reason?
science says it's healthy,
so let's all do it.
Head on shoulder in a circle
a good moaning, screaming
expression of the
True Human Self

that dark, evil Self
that tells us the Truth
about ourselves.

Who we should have lost
our virginity to

Where we should have put
that CD we stole

How much we should have drank
at Jody's last night.

Ah, as I rip my chest open
and pour out my
fetid anguish
and rage,

I feel so peaceful.

And now, back to life.