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2002-10-18 14:44:49 (UTC)

It Doesnt Matter What the Others Say, Even Those You Call Friends

yes lifes pretty shitty right now. i broke up with my
girlfriend.. she was supposed to come up to see me this
weekend and she called and say she wouldnt be able to
because there was a party on saturday that she wanted to go
to so that she could fuck some guy.. i was like no i dont
care if you do stuff with other people but you cant ditch
me for them... she said well i guess im ditching you then.
i said then i guess its over.
im 'going out' with Scotty Madore LMAO yea.. uh huh sure.
that kid if funny as hell.
my dads band broke up. the lead singer, Chris, and my dad
have been friends forever and have been in this band for as
long as i can remember. im really good friends with Chris'
daughter Ashley too. now Chris and my dad are fighting and
the band broke up, so a lot of things are going to be
different. no extra money from band gigs. no going to the
bar whith Ashley and my dad when our dads play. No crazy
thursday band nights involving weed and alcohol. and no
more seeing ashley. this sucks royally, and i wish my dad
and Chris could just work things out. for the time being my
dad is goin to try to find a band thats already playing
bars that needs a bass player and he can just play with
them for the money for right now.
i havent slept in about 2 days, and im so fukin tired. im
just too stressed out. i hate myself right now. i miss
everyone at Lake Fenton and i want to go back soo bad. its
just not right going to a differernt school than Paige. i
miss riding the bus. i miss lunch time. i miss running
through the halls like a crazed maniac on speed. i miss all
the fun i had with everyone. i miss knowing everyone. i
miss everything. Swartz Creek is cool n all, and ive mad a
ton of new friends, but its just not the same, and that i
dont like.

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