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2002-10-18 14:17:38 (UTC)

Terrified of accidents

Can you believe it? I have class on Saturdays. Now, i
can't sleep till late in the afternoon on Saturdays.
Great. I'm driving tomorrow and i haven't been driving
in... a few months. I'm kinda excited about it. I guess.
Driving on a Saturday morning could be fun. Right? We'll
see about that tomorrow. Since i got hit by a trailer(i'm
not sure what it was, but it looked like a pretty huge
truck) early this year, i'm kinda 'traumatized' by the
accident. I just got my licence last year and i was slowly
gaining confidence driving an automatic car, in the first
few months. THen, my dad HAD to sell off the automatic and
get a manual car. There goes my confidence, along with the
automatic car. At that time, i kinda forgotten how to
drive a stick so, i had to sorta start all over again.
Then, i was beginning to think 'Hey, i could get used to
this' when on January or was it February, i got hit by
this huge truck. Damn. My confidence driving plunged down
faster than a rollercoaster. Since then, i drive....
occasionally. Like, once in a blue moon? I've just
discovered that i have a new phobia. I think i have
acciphobia. Well, i created that. Are there an actual name
or term for fear or accidents? I'm not really afraid of
driving. I'm just terrified of getting hit or hitting
someone else. I wish i will never ever get hit or hit a
car or any moving vehicle on the road in my life. I will
never forget my first accident. The trailer hit my car,
and i was in total shock and i didn't know what to do.
Thank God my friend was tehre and i felt like i have lost
control of my car and that the trailer was 'holding on' to
my car. I can't really put the whole incident in words. It
was absolutely terrifying and i was like, "Shit! My
parent's are going to kill me, dammit"! So, basically the
whole thing IS really horrible.