Oh,The Insanity
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2002-10-18 14:12:46 (UTC)

Life in the Putt-Putt Hut and "GROWL SNAP" Car Broke!!

yesterday, if you don't already know, my car shit the bed.
It pisses me off because...Adam was right, Fords are
shitty. Ah well, Soon, I can trade this one in...but don't
tell him that plan ;-) real hush hush kinda plan...surprise
the malchick a bit? Right right!
Matt and I decided it'd be really cool if we all
(him,vicki, me and adam being "we all")lived in the little
house on the ol' miniture golf course. He figured it'd be
really good idea cuz, it already has plumbing and electric
and all we'd have to do is knock out a few walls..."very
spacious interior!" Anyhow, I spent the entire day at
vicki's trying to figure out what's wrong with the car...as
adam says "you bought a ford and I warned you"
yep...always right