Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:16:08 (UTC)

Furtive Revelation

The night was hot
so hot that even the moon
made my shirt stick to my back.

We were both sitting on a log
twirling our toes in the dirt and finishing up
wine coolers.

A slight breeze lifted my sticky hair off my neck
and I looked over -
surprised that her green eyes
were already there

i ducked her gaze
and my heart stabbed me
as she reached for my hand.
an eternity went by
before she said
don't worry-
i don't know what I'm doing either

then my blood became very cool,
and the breeze
catered to my face...
and my bosom..
a bit more.

she smelled like honeysuckles
or maybe
there were actually honesuckles
my mind was racing a hundred miles an hour

the log shifted as she leaned in
and brushed the hair from my flaming face
i tried not to look
tried to pull away
tried to do what THEY said I SHOULD have done

but i didn't want to

tentatively I stole a glance
i liked her high cheekbones
and the tiny crystal drops in her ears
ah, what the hell.

the tremulous meeting of our lips
was loud
and soft at the same time

a silent explosion within us both
brought us together but tore us apart
in the next instant

shyly she went back to her Grandma's
and I across the fence to my house
the tremors made me think I was chilled
but my sweaty hair belied the shivers

recollection of the moment
brings us silly grins
and darting glances at one another
when we see each other out
with our guys

we still smile and talk
she emailed me the other day, from next door.
.. is.. is she curious, too?

then comes the husky phone call:
let's um.. let's.. llets..
do that again?
if I can slip out...