Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:15:02 (UTC)

Mirror's Howl

You stupid IDIOT!!
You KNEW you'd get knocked up
if you slept with that HUTCHRABBIT!!!

I can't believe how DUMB you were.
He doesn't love you..
he's after your ASS,
and silly you,
you stuck it right in his face
didn't you?

Now where is he?
He's not poppin HIS tit in Juniors mouth,
now,is he?
payin' bills? Changin' shitty diapers?

Why, his sneakers are gone..
yep, sounds like a game o'
bassetball goin' on outside
and who's that other skinny white girl
where you used to stand

flippin' that cigarrette,
hikin' them boobs up
throwin' her hips around
like she's some kind of
gyrating CAT in HEAT

oooh, better run catch your winner...
give Junior to yer Mama to watch him.
she'll fold your clothes,
and buy some more diapers too.

wouldn't go with that nice boy, would you?
just HAD to go for
Mister Gold Necklace
and Shiny Shoes
and Pepe Jeans
didn't ya?

Ugh, TAKE a SHOWER, girl!
Fix your hair,
and stop smokin' around the kid
dont' holler at "the daddy"
and cuss him out the winder neither.
Baby don't need to hear that.

Yeah- it's not the KIDS fault
that your legs have some strange disorder
that keeps them open enough
to park a
MACK TRUCK between them all the time!

Shame, shame-
it only took a
to do "the job".
Betcha didn't see THAT comin',
after all that RUM.

You filthy trash. you disgust me.
you made A's in high school,
where did all that go?
you had nice teeth,
a car. a scholarship. a LIFE

stop looking and smash me already..
I saw what you were,
and tried to show you what you could be-
but you didn't look deep enough.

I tried to give you inspiration,
but instead I'm shackled by eternity
to give only truth. Bitter, biting truth.

what's seven years of bad luck to you?
Looks like you've already sacrificed your LIFE.
but at least you weren't selfish enough to sacrifice
BABY's. That or you were too SCARED.

WHAT? you STILL come to me for answers?
even AFTER I have already told and told an dtold you, till
my face is steamed?