Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:11:18 (UTC)

The Two Again

One day she'll fly,
from the tubes, from the wires,
one day she'll climb
from this earth, to much higher.

One day, she'll soar
as an angel on high,
no more worries, no more fears,
no more woes to make her cry.

Sickness holds her daughter,
a brave prisoner in chains,
anguish holds that mother,
cause her baby girl's in pain.

The daughter goes first,
off into the sky,
with snowy new wings,
and a glow in her eye.

But the mother must stay,
right now's not her time.
This loss cuts her heart
and deadens her eyes.

With heavy heart,
mother bides her time.
It won't be long,
till she makes the climb

and here's the day,
when she wakes like new,
spreads her wings,
and climbs into the blue

there reunited,
her baby girl and she
together forever,
happy, healthy, and free.