Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:07:55 (UTC)

The Two

I watched a mother cry
as she sat beside the hospital bed
Her daughter's hands were pale
and white, and her tousled hair
stuck to the pillow.

A monster raged inside her
and consumed all the flesh it could,
and even tried to attack her spirit.
To keep her alive and kill her soul
at the same time, there were tubes and wires
running all in and out of her body.

Both were withered,
one from pain and sickness,
one from crying and worrying.

She was always such a good daugther,
why did she have to be the one
to bear this heavy load?

She was such a devoted mother,
why should she be burdened moreso
with a child so ill?

The daughter's parched lips parted
and she whispered to the mother
"Mom- why aren't you at home?
you can't do anything here"

The mother raised her lined face
and replied
"My baby girl- what are YOU doing here?
you should be with a family of your own
or doing things you always wanted to do"

An odd lot they were, as they sat
in the white room with too much sunlight,
and that hospital smell.

Neither at fault,
both suffering,
soon, only one would come home.

A month later, my mom sat outside,
absently stroking my filly's mane.
The breeze blew a flower across the filly's path,
and I laughed as mom caught me,
smiled at my face, and then put me in her pocket.

I think she knew.
It was so good to be home and well,
for you see, flowers and love are perennial.