Poni Tales
2001-08-05 03:06:17 (UTC)

Cat's Eye View

Through green eyes,
both zany and sage,
I gaze upon you people
with fascinated boredom.
Part of me smiles,
but I'm still saddened,
as I watch you
fight your self-inflicted wars.
How funny and sad it is
to see humans waste away their lives
working for something
that in the end makes no difference,
It is a funny thing,
how you got picked to be
"the superior ones",
the "rulers of the earth"
with "dominion over all the animals".
You can't even lick your own butt,
and you expect ME
to come running at a bell or some
gushing baby talk?
We pity you, and your
position, as the blind leading
the WISE. I personally
wouldn't follow you out of a box,
much less Jerusalem.
But, now I tire of you.
With a swish of my tail,
a lazy purr,
and a flexing of my claws,
the warm sun engulfs me.
I chuckle to myself..
Master, Ha! Fancy that.
a CAT that doesn't rule his person?
A sad day indeed!