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2001-08-05 02:56:41 (UTC)

byolb-bring your own lobster bonanza

today i went to a party at megan baco's house. it was fun-
i got out of the house and i saw my lunch table friends. i
hadnt talked to any of them since school ended a month ago.
i love them they make me laugh- but not to complain as
usual i dont always feel like i fit in with all of them. if
its me and a few of them i feel fine, but when everyone is
there i feel really out of place and stupid. laura was
really cold to me when she first got there and that hurt a
little but i am pretty much over that. i feel like i am
completely myself if im with maggie and cara and joclyn
ect. but my lunch table friend are so much fun- yet i am
depressed when i am with them. im not bitter about it at
all i just dont feel all that comfortable. i feel like a
tag a long. but at least i know fit somewhere. i dunno i am
happy whereever i am i guess- sometimes i just feel like i
cant keep up. but i had a lot of fun tonight though and i
am glad that i went.