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2002-10-18 06:09:03 (UTC)

Back to Reality

sometimes I wonder how much time can pass by when you're
having fun. tonight, some of my friends and i were
walking down NYC intertwined in arms just enjoying each
others company.

although i've gone to the bars and hit up the clubs, it
becomes a place where people forget the comany of those
who they really enjoy, which should be each other's
company, just in case you were wondering.

i am starting to be really attracted to one of my friends
although i know it would never work out. we both have
different personalities but i know we would be better
friends then anything else. i do hint a little bit of
flirting but not too much. i may be just trippin and
looking too much into things.

jon on the other hand, did not call tonight. although i
know there is an attraction there, i can't help but take
things slow.

let me preface this by saying, there is nothing wrong in
dating. if you're single and not a big time whore, you
should be out having fun with other single people. jon is
great! he's originally from kansas but his parents are
from ny and ca. he's the one i'm crossing my fingers

walter on the other hand, has been getting to me. i was
able to drop some hints at him that i don't really want to
see him. he still calls, emails and finds me online
sometimes. he's a little more aggressive then i thought
and that is what has shyed me from him. i shouldn't have
made out with him. it was fun! but he made it out to be
more then what it was.

i think it's weird how we find things unattractive or
attractive. although he was a great guy, i can't be with
someone who takes things too fast. especially after my
issues with my last relationship.

talk to you later...