The Days in My Life...
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2002-10-18 05:57:16 (UTC)


Hmmm What has happened since last sunday..not sure..My life
is pretty damn boring.. thats 4 sure.
Well..Candice called.. she's doin good and the baby's doin
good. I called Jo, she's doin good.. she's datin someone at
the moment..so thats cool.

Abigail and I think that Mac (the hamster) is pregnant..
either that or s/he is gettin ready to go into hibernation.
We went window shoppin at both the malls..spendin over half
a day in the malls and not buying anything..well..Abigail
bought something.. but we won't get into that.. ;-).
At Irving we spotted this really cute guy..who I'm pretty
sure I know from somewhere.

It turns out that Bruce's parents aren't moving to S'Ville
until after Christmas..which is fantastic..but would be
even better if I knew for sure that I would be getting home.

Yesterday I saw Monsters Inc for the first time with
Travis.. Good movie..quite enjoyable..I also enjoyed
checkin Travis's Metallica figures..those are quite cool,
can't believe they're so cheap..to bad they're all gone tho.

But anyways.. it's 3:30am and I have to get up somewhat
early tomorrow so I should get some sleep.

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