2001-08-05 02:03:28 (UTC)

my vacation to myrtle beach....

well...we just got back from our vacation about 2 hours
ago!!! i had aLOT of fun but i also hated it at times!!!
andrea's boyfriend pissed me off sooo bad alot of the time!
he is one of those guys who just says shit all of the time
to me! and doesn't expect a smart comment back and that!
pisses me off i mean i don't even say a WORD to him and he
says shit to me!! ugh! um well we got there on saturday
around 4 or 5 and we went for a quick swim and then we went
out to eat at logans steakhouse which was pretty good! and
then we went home and swam like we pretty much do every
night. then on sunday we went to the outlet malls and ate
at a place called the burro was REALLY good. then
on monday we went to the mall and this place called
barefoot landing.. and theres these little cages there and
there are tigers and monkeys there and me and andrea paid
to get a picture taken with these little baby tigers!!!
they were SOOO cute lol and its a REALLLY good picture! and
ate at the nascar cafe.... then on tuesday we pretty much
just layed around the pool...and that night we went to this
theme park called the was REALLY fun they had
this wooden roller coaster there and me and andrea rode in
the front row! it was sooo tight!!!! and on wednesday we
layed around the pool again and the beach...and that night
we went to janet's sister cathy's house it was REALLY big
and REALLY nice...and then we all went to broadway at the
beach its this shopping huge plaza with like rides and
restaurants there and stuff and we ate at this place called
the liberty brewery..and it was pretty good too. then on
thursday me and andrea wanted to go get build-a-bears but
the line was to long the night before so we decided to get
up freaken early and go get in line to get one and we did
adn then we came back and got janet and rob and jason and
we all went back to broadway at the beach cuz people wanted
to shop...and then we came home and that night we went to
medevil times for dinner and it was REALLY fun and the food
was REALLY good!!:) on friday we all layed out by the pool
and the beach and then at night we went with janets sister
and her husband and her grand daughter and me and cindy and
jason andreas bf and rob and jason andreas brother and his
3 friends erin...(he's nice) and jason stewart(SOOO HOTT)
and this other guy who was really hot but i forgot his
name :( lol..and we all went out to this REALLY nice
restaraunt to eat it was called bovine' was REALLY
good food!!!! and then we came back to the condo and just
chilled and packed and then got up this morning and came
home...and then me and aunt cindy adn andrea and jason her
brother went to capri to eat...and now i'm writing to u:)
well that was my vacation and so much more that i don't
want to explain:) bye