2001-01-25 19:18:02 (UTC)

I have always strived to..

I have always strived to understand.

To learn EVERYTHING there is to know, to perserve my
passion for death and the meaning of life. Why? Some may
ask, what would I do with knowledge that I cannot use to
any moral purpose? Mind you, I have never asked for
eternal life... lest I live past a billion years.

I drink on light and knowledge, the bits and pieces, and
discovered this world a perfection of its own. I want to
discover every corner of it. Everything. Haha... what I
cannot use in this lifetime I wish to do in the next!! I
truly want to know if there is an end to this stream of
knowledge. I love this world and wouldn't have it any other
way! Yes, the world with its own deaths and diseases, the
wars and hunger. I would embrace imortality if it came to
me. If you really know me you know I will live forever.

I have seen messages sent by you folks... Thank you!
I would have replied if I found you, but I couldn't. I
encourage everyone's input, this is for the people who has
always read my every word yet have never said anything.

As for that one question, Simon... Yes, I know exactly who
I am. I can define myself, but that will have to wait. In
the next entry, perhapes? Plus, I like being noble...
honorable, that's why I pretend behind a mask. If I do not
I will be exposed and the normal kids will fear me and my
way of thinking. My thoughts threaten everything about
them, it mocks their their religion, their innocence and
knowledge and wisdom.