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2002-10-18 04:50:03 (UTC)

Cats go pounce

I love mini very muchly. He's a cutey and leaves me cute

Period update: Now eleven days late, i have been torturing
myself with images of childbirth, and thinking about
distructive teenagers, shitty nappys, all that child stuff.
I will be ok either way.

Nothing else has been happening. Nothing at all. Ummm

I just had an icy pole, which was nice because its rather
hot today and i have little to no summer clothes.

I have been pondering death alot lately, apparently thats a
sign of depression, according to all these stupid things i
read. I guess to not be depressed you have to learn how to
*not* think. Yea thats it, no thinking from now on. How
stupid, i dont understand how norms work, ben is almost a
norm but i understand his every movement and thought
perfectly. Clear as cyrstel! Crystel clear indeed.

POly is a biarch. She blocked minis friend NOT NICE! he

The End.