xXx Life As Becoming a Lesbian xXx
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2002-10-18 04:25:50 (UTC)

Tired & Scared

Tonight I went to a concert after I got off of work. It
was at the church I go to. It was fun... On October 30 I
am going to the Good Charlotte Concert at Jillians.. Its
gonna rock out! MY friends Ashlee, Megan, and Brooke are
going with me.
I have been hanging out with my ex girlfriend lately... I
think she still likes me but I dont know... we always hang
out with her boyfriend so maybe not. But shes always
like "Sean doesnt want me so Courtney I am yours" I dunno I
My good guy friend got in a bad car accident tonight
(Brandon Miller)! I was in tears when I found out. His
mother said he was lucky he was alive when she got there.
His car is totalled. I havent heard anything really except
for he doesnt remember anything but smelling smoke. I hope
he is okay **PRAYS**.
Well its late and I have to get up early for work.
xXCourtney NicoleXx

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