i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
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2001-08-05 01:47:56 (UTC)

so i called my friend lastnight..

so i called my friend lastnight and and and and this kid
who i was hanging out with - hes a waiter and smokes just
about about everynight he can - so yeah - i called and as
its ringing i say i'm gonna gonna have to leave a message
shes not gonna answer - and he says - you got a machine -
and i said yeah i gotta leave a message - and he said you
shouldn't leave messages - and i said - oh wait so i
shouldn't leave a message - and he said something and i
said something then i hung up - i think that's how it went -
i'm not 100% sure but you get te jist - and at some point
the thing started recording - but it wasn't a machine it
was jsut the voice mail or whatever it is - and i think
that whole conversation was left as the message - i thought
that was pretty funny . . .

sooo much laundry to do - bleh this is going to be
annoying - and i need dinner at some point - and i have to
drive 4 hours tomorrow - but i need an oil change but i
have to go to the bank and mail off this parking violation
i got . . . . . . rrrrrrrrrr everything is in peices
nothing is coherient anymore - here and there - round and
round - i'm finding simply ignoring people online is the
best way to not talk to them - it seems so obvious but - i
never do it - i need to start ignoring people all the time
with whom i don't want to converse one star

ok food time . . .

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