all about my depression
2001-01-25 18:56:59 (UTC)

Well I guess I should tell you..

Well I guess I should tell you all about me. I am 21 years
old with a great husband and 2 great kids. I suffer from
depression and feel like crap most of the time. all I want
to do is sleep. I dont even get hungry not that you can
tell because instead of loosing weight I think I gain. I
feel fat, ugly, stupid, and like I cant do one darn thing
right. I feel like why was I put on this earth. I have no
education so I cant get a job. what was I put here for just
to take care of my kids. which I do enjoy doing but I want
to do something else with my life to I just dont know what.
I am getting my ged and am going to go back to school so
maybe that will make me feel better who knows with me the
things I think will make me feel better usually make me
feel worse.

I love my husband so much but he makes me feel so bad
sometimes not on purpose but he has a good education and
has a great paying job and that makes me feel like such a
failure. He says I can do anything I want to do but I dont
feel like that. I feel if we would ever split up I would be
homeless there is not one family member I could stay with I
would be on my own with no money and no where to go. so I
really cant wait to get my ged and go to school and
hopefully get a good paying job then I will know I will be
ok if something happened between us, and I really do love
him and hope nothing does come between us but I can tell
the depression is taking its toll on him.

well I guess I have rambled enough untill next time.


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