The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-10-18 02:45:00 (UTC)

I wanna fall in love...

Maybe that's why I throw myself all over him...because I
wanna fall in love again. I never really thought about it,
but Kim just brought it to my attention today. I was
telling her about how I really really like Randy, but I
feel like I'm the one putting it all into the relationship.
I feel like I'm kinda throwing myself onto him telling
him "TAKE ME!" I dunno, I asked him last night what we were
and he said "friends" and then he corrected himself by
saying "dating friends" so I kinda smiled and went to
sleep. I had so much fun last night spending the night with
him. I didn't want the night to end and I kinda wanted to
be closer to him than I was, but he said he doesn't like to
be confined when he sleeps. :0)

Last night was the last straw for work. I am sick and tired
of the hard workers...like me...getting NO credit, while
the lazy asses get away with everything! I have NEVER asked
to leave early and the one night I did...everything just
blew up in my face. There were freaking 3 people at the
service desk yakking when they could have opened another
register or helped me and the other cashier bag...did
they?! NO! Wendy and I are gonna have a little talk because
this is getting ridiculous. I just got my till, closed
down, and left 10 minutes early.

Rules of Attraction is a weird movie! But it has some
awesome imagery so go see it!


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