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2001-08-05 00:46:27 (UTC)

saturday was fun

today is saturday, august 4. melissa slept over this
morning and she had to leave early 'cause i had to get
ready to go to jared's b-day party. i got barely any sleep.
larissa's picked me up around three to go to jared's. we
knew it was gonna rain... i mean you just looked up and
knew. so we set up a canope and chilled. it was pretty much
me, jared, larissa, sierra, anita, lisa, jamie, harry, and
emily together the whole time. it was fun! except my hair
got all frizzy... :( jared wasn't all that different from
how he normally is around me, so that's good. today was
like a test:)and jared finally remembered after three
months to get me jamie's band's (another monday) cd! he
remembered to ask jamie to give him one, which was all he
had to do in the first place but he's slow.:) all right,
well, i haven't slept well in a while, and i think i'm
gonna go do that. PEACE, LOVE, AND PUNK ROCK. *bree

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