Inside Me
2002-10-18 02:00:45 (UTC)


Wow, the messege again tonight was awesome, and seemed to
go by so fast once again. We had a meal for one of the
couples that are here this week, and they started talking
about the rapture and all again. It just makes me feel I
don't know, and thats why it bothers me. I guess its all
these feelings mixed into one, and I can't even right
about them to make me feel better or something. Do you
realise, our president is like the perfect one, and if he
is saved, thats like perfect for the Anti Christ to move
in once he's gone? DO you realise, everyone you know , if
Christ would come today or tomorrow, or right now, how
many people will be left here? I mean, that so bothers me.
I mean the good thing, everything that was bad here, will
be good when everyone gets to heaven. Ever wonder if
people in heaven that know you, know whats going on in
your life right now? Like, when they talk about the
rapture, I'm always like, no not yet, please, juse a
little more times because......... and many reasons are
there, but I have to keep telling myself, it's always in
his time, not mine, and his way is perfect, but wow thats
so hard. Sometimes, I think about leaving a note on my web
page, or notes with unsaved people I know, and tell them
to open it, when things go really weird, and people start
missing, and they can't get a hold of me. A note
exlpaining whats going on and what they'll be expecting,
and so on. I mean, with some people right now saying they
think the rapture is going to happen really soon, it kinda
makes me feel like I shouldn't pursue any major future
plans. Not that I will, just makes me feel that way. I
really hope to buy those tapes from the messeges. Well,
I'll talk to you all later. SOme really funny things
happened at work today, I"ll tell you about it later
though in another entry, take care all.