my deranged lyfe
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2002-10-18 00:26:37 (UTC)

in a far away land the disembodied hoots whisper into the nite...

hey. steph and amanda are coming over for the fhs game
tomorrow nite. sat we are gonna go to the movies. nothings
going on with chad. havent talked to him all week but dont
really care. im kinda over that whole 'chad thing' now. im
totally over the whole 'drew thing' too now. thank god. but
i still kinda miss him...well alot actually but who gives a
phuck. figures i end up going for a guy that doesnt go to
my school. he works at ozone. hes a soph. havent seen him
since the demo. too long. w.e. these two other guys at my
school i kinda like. ones a friend...hes a frosh too but
the other i dont really know. i kinda just see him all
over. and ive started noticing him more then b4. amanda sed
hes kinda weird but thats ok.normal is boring. i know
firsthand.ummm o ya i saw andrew hurley and matt sylva at
school today. matt is still real short. hahahahahaha. umm
im hoping ta meet a guy at the game tomorrow but since im
with steph and amanda im not gonna get my hopes up. diesels
bak. shes alrite. shes clean now at least. but moms all
pissed b/c it cost like $121 and then shes gotta go next
week ta get another worm shot which is like $25. but well
live. ok im gonna go. i decided that even tho suddenly im
losing a ton of friends...i could get used to the whole
loner thing. me n amy were just sitting alone in pe and
cory miller just came over and started talking to us. it
was kinda weird but funny. he was talking bout his 'sex'
bracelet...the one he wore with his first time with his gf.
hahahahahahahahah. sounds interesting enuf to keep the
whole loner thing going. i guess. also ive suddenly gone to
tons of friends in my neighborhood to like one. and maybe
not even him b/c im starting to realize most the friends i
had was b/c they either thot i was stoned and funny or b/c
jess was with me all the time. but phuck it. if we cant be
friends anymore then ill just have ta suck it up and make
new friends...i guess. w.e. alrity. lata~