Topgun's Stories
2002-10-18 00:08:14 (UTC)

topgun's journey is taking off

so i just moved here a couple of months ago and i don't
know where to start. there have been so many ups and downs
throughout my stay here. although it has been a
challenging experience, i find myself stripped to the
foundations again.

21 is not an easy age. what ever happened to the quarter
life crisis? LOL.

i wish i could catch myself up to everything that has
happened since i moved here but it would take forever
before i ever finish this entry.

to give you the reader's digest version, i just became a
platinum member of the singles club. it was not as bad of
a break up...looking back at it. i really thought i
couldn't pick up the pieces. the good thing is, i am
starting to date again. he's a little mysterious to me
right now, but that is not a bad thing at all.

we met at a drag show this past friday and have gone out
twice since. the great thing is... he lives near me too!
talk about convenience.

we watched less then zero last night and it was sooo
depressing. it featured robert downey jr., who was
addicted to crack and ended up dying at the end. it did
not leave us in the best of moods but at least i got a
kiss! haven't experienced that for awhile!

don't get me wrong though... my last relationship was a
rollercoaster too. there were some nice times and some bad
times but i'm realizing that it was something we both
needed to go through in order to grow. i still worry, care
and love for him. i hope we stay friends for a long time.
one of those friends who can talk to each other about our
boyfriends! the good thing about first that it
implies there will be a second.

he actually called the same night we were watching a
movie. he hadn't called in a long time but he was going
through some personal things. he sounded so tired. i just
wanted to make sure he was okay. we only talked for a
second today though. wanted to make sure i checked up on
his ass.

i don't know if i'm going to continue to do this e-journal
thing. it's something i've wanted to do but i don't want
it to consume my time. the good thing is... it only takes
me about two seconds to do it.

i feel like i'm rambling on now but maybe i'll give you
more history as we move on in this thing.

thank god it's still early. i should be working on a
paper, but i'm going out and painting the town pink.