My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-10-17 23:59:10 (UTC)

this should be interesting...

Well! Today was pretty fun! All we did was chill and take
pictures hehe... I love pictures they rock lol... yea and I
still need to finish up some stuff for the hc game... I
dunno if the actual dance is gunna be fun...cuz A) I have a
gimp for a date lol he broke his toe or something and B) he
just started going out with someone (from what im told)
that should be interesting... Cuz i invited the girlie that
he's going out with to my after hc get together... I just
noticed that my intentions are good for everyone except for
myself lol but hey that's life right? Right now im just
trying to find something to make me happy... and for the
present moment nick carter music is helping lol hes the
performer coming to whatever school wins the spirit
contest... I will single handedly win that if i have to lol
cuz then i can die cuz i wouldve met nick and toni kukoc!
anywho! i gotta do more hc decorating and i gotta clean the
basement for the get together, its gunna be phat (beanbags,
glow in the dark stars and shit hehe) but I might have more
to write later so yah! peace