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2002-10-17 23:43:46 (UTC)

I feel better yet stupid

Dave arrived home home, not Minn. We talked a
bit and I feel stupid for over thinking things. I
realized that I don't have more than friend feelings for
him. I simply thought I did. The biggest reason for that
would be that I missed him so much.

We talked. It was good to get that off my chest. I am
glad it is over. I hope he comes over this weekend
because I still want to hug him. He did make me realize
that it is totally normal to want to hug people.

He left to go somewhere and said I should call if I wanted
to keep talking about it. I think I'll wait and see if he
gets back soon or not.

If he doesn't get back before I leave for class I will
call him and thank him for listening. Also I'll mention
that I missed more than usual after he left. Maybe I had
such a great weekend that I wanted to re-live it.

I am not totally over what I think I felt, but I am at
least at ease about the whole situation.