Jess's Journal
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2002-10-17 23:40:35 (UTC)

Missing Me

I think the protective bubble that I had around myself
popped. I can now see clearly what I am like and the way
I've always been. I'm more like a plague really. I've
noticed that I drive certain people that I care about away.
I'm not liking this new sense of reality. I'm missing me.
People say athey like me, they care about me and that of
course they are my friends. But I can't help but wonder if
they are just saying that. The quote of the day in Chemisty
was " to escape criticism do nothing, say nothing, be
nothing"..it fits. I'm going to be someone someday so I
guess I have to learn more about myself. See myself how
others see me.
Ok so next week Wednesday I get to go to Tenny!! break from
the world... I hope..otherwise I'd plan on doing something
with certain people who deserve to know me.
Yeah so I decided I'm going to take another course before I
even graduate. I'm taking this course- Medical Terminology-
at WCTC. My second college course and I'm only a junior but
hey, at least I get it out of the way AND I'll know what
doctors are talking about.
The nucleus of an atom means literally "little nut"--- ohh
that's great.
People on my good list this week:
Chris, Jimmy, Mike, Mark, Dave, Matt B, Dan, Ashley, Tiff,
Heidi, Dani B, Manda, Nick, Steve, Alissa, Bridget, Julia
and Cristine.
(well and my cousins too!!) Get to see some of them on
Sunday. Good stuff there. And there are no fights!! Yipee!!!

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