It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-17 23:38:32 (UTC)

if ever there was a girl to be engaged to...

...that amazing girl would have to be you." MxPx sure do
like there cheesy, punker love songs. i can't hold it
against em though, they've been around a while, i like
their sound and im sure if i ever got my heart broken, i'd
probably listen to them a lot; them and goldfinger. for me,
that song, "Andrea", would have to be about chrissy, rich's
sister. if i call her chrissy, it doesn't sound as gay to
you, like when i say, "oh man, chris is so fine". now it
doesn't sound like im talking about a guy, but i still call
her chris. but anyway, chrissy is so fine. i will marry
that girl. i see it like this, i get to be with her
forever, and i get to be rich's brother. he's already like
my brother; plus his mom says im her 2nd son. she rules too.
matt took off again this morning. him and eric d are
gonna go canoe on some river for like 2 weeks. then he says
he'll be home for about 3 weeks. 3 weeks, that's a long
time. i don't know if im gonna be able to stand that. i
might be spending a few nights with rich and lauren. with
my mom and him together, my god. it's hard to even be in
the house. i usually head up to my room for a few hours. i
need to get outta this house, head up to state or
something. just for the weekend for now, but soon enough,
ill be outta here forever.
i sent off my state app a few days ago. looking it
over, i don't really think im gonna get in. i know im just
one student, but schools like state look to see what you
can offer them. i can't offer them shit. i didn't do very
good in high school. plus i failed my ap us history test.
then there's college, or in my case, "college", since i
don't go to a real school. i failed a math class and im not
doing that great now. you know, sometimes you just gotta
suck it up and face the truth, and im not that smart. i
pretty stupid actually. shit, later ill get this doctor
that says "ohhh, it's because you have like 3 cases of ADD
and 2 cases of ADHD." plus my dad did a helluva lotta
drugs. eh, my stupid ass is just following in his
footsteps. im probably gonna turn out just like my dad; but
my dad like 10 years ago, when he was a divorced, menthol
smoking, narcotic using, alcohol abusing son of a bitch.
now he's got a new wife and a couple step kids. quit
drinking, smoking and is off the drugs. got in pretty good
shape too. that ain't me.
this is crazy, im all tired right now, and at home.
but my mom isn't annoying the hell outta me. she asked me a
few questions, and i was fine. i told her some dumb jokes
from yesterday. oh yeah, lauren was all about hearing
jokes, so me, joe, sean, and kit told her a bunch. she
didn't even know that knock-knock with the interupting cow.
she even asked customers, it was pretty fun.
i think im gonna do a lil laundry and catch some
sleep, and im gonna sleep in cause i don't gotta work
tomorrow. PEACE