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2002-10-17 22:46:33 (UTC)

Thursday,October 17/2002

I didn't write yesterday, oopsies :S, anyway, yesterday was
pretty boring, but I went over to Laurens', I haven't
hungout with her for the longest time :*(. So it was good
catching up and what not...talking about who we still hate
not mentioning any names (Lauren, it's a guy!), ha ha...oh
fuck do people ever kick ass...rude people anyway, ha ha,
just jokes :P.
Oh my God, you guys HAVE TO download Flow by Transister.
It's a fuckin' weird ass/trippy/cool song.
Anyway, Shauna and I are having this problem...nothing to
do with our friendship it's a guy, I think my Shauna's in
love....*NOOOOOOOOOOOOO*, man that would suck!Ha ha, not
because she's in love it's ' that would suck!
I still have to make a portfolio before quarter 1
ends...which is in 2 weeks.Damn, I'm so fucked!...I have to
pass C.A.L.M..., stupid Calgary Board of Education! I
haaaaaate you.
Thank God tomorrow's Friday...WOOOO HOOOO, I'm meeting a
guy,Jeremy, with Shauna tomorrow, so hopefully that'll be
She has to work on Halloween (WHAT'S UP WITH THAT ANYWAY?)
We were gonna go trick-or-treating :( ha ha...young at
John Lennon is a fucking amazing person you know that? You
damn well should!
I feel like listening to Sublime...,*creams*, I LOVE that
band SO much! :D :D :D :D *he he*.
School was highly boring today...AHHHHH, it sucks!
Anyway, that's all I really have to say for now.
Peace, Luv Always,
Payge XXX

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