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2002-10-17 22:32:24 (UTC)

A Day Off

There is a family who lives in the next neighborhood over.
My brother and their sons have been friends for years. So,
the families have become close. They have 2 boys, Taylor
and Palmer.

Palmer is the younger one. He's 13 I believe. Very good
looking kid. And he and I have always been really close.
I'm the sister he'll never have. So I get all the
questions about girls and so on. Which is fine. I don't
mind at all. I love him like a brother anyway, and am
happy to do what I can. Why am I telling you this? Here's
the reason---

Today I had off, and today is also a day off for the
public schools in my county. I had to take Taylor to
school for band (his parents are working and couldn't do
it) and asked Palmer if he wanted to come with me and then
go to McDonalds. He eagerly agreed (what kid wouldn't?
*grinning*)and off we went. Well, after dropping Taylor
off we went and got food and sat and talked. Really
talked. About patriotism, war, Iraq, politics, love, the
military, etc. One of the most enlightening conversations
I've had with someone, let alone a 13 year old, ever.

I had to write about it because I guess....I don't give
people enough credit. Did we agree about everything? Nope.
But it was fascinating hearing his opinion. Very
interesting day.