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2002-10-17 22:30:57 (UTC)

Want it!

So I just wrote a sex story/email to my friend whom is
totally pissed at me. See we have this weird relationsip
where we're mad at eachother, then become good friends and
go fuck somewhere. He's the only guy I;ve ever done it
with, but it's so amazing! I mean right now, I want to go
over there and I want him to fuck my brains out! Its
driving me crazy, and I can't even masturbate today, people
are home! Argh! In any case, I really want to call him
and go fuck him some more, maybe I should. See if I get a
funny call when he reads that e-mail. When we went to
florida, I brought two condoms. So the first night in vero
beach, he came into my bedroom, and we fucked. It was the
best we'd ever had! We were naked, under the covers,
grinding away, and moaning like animals. I was so great,
and felt so good. We couldn't make any of the rest of the
times like that, but we doubled our count. Every night,
another fuck session. Oh, and we did it in a pool. didn't
work very well, and took way too long, but great orgasms.
And the funny thing about all this is that I am the good
girl, the straight A student, but I have this hidden very
horny side to me that no one, except Josh knows about.
He's like my sex buddy, and it's been awhile since we've
done it, and I need him now!

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