No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-17 22:07:12 (UTC)



You offer hope for the future,
Lying in your beautiful eyes,
Which sparkle like stars,
In the midnight skies.

You offer warmth in your touch,
As you use to hold me tight,
When I was with you,
I knew everything would be alright.

You bring comfort with your words,
As you spoke softly to me,
Please overflow me with your comfort,
And on my face you'll see,
A smile that disappeared,
The day you left me.

All I have to offer you,
Is everything you have,
And all I ever offered you,
Was all that I can be,
I gave you
Every part of me.

~Ashley Bott

"My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me
So won't you kill me
So I die Happy
My heart is yours until it bursts"

~Dashboard Confessional