Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2001-01-25 17:48:27 (UTC)

Introduction of Damian Z.

Well, it’s Thursday afternoon. I’m sitting here killing
time before Chris comes over and we have to go and meet
Damian. I figured I would write a little entry, although
there’s really nothing much to say…well, that’s interesting

So, I should prolly tell you who Damian is. Damian is this
really cool guy, I met last year at a party…I think. We
kinda started on shaky ground, cuz there was mass drama
associated with him. Josh liked him A LOT, but he liked
Marc A LOT. Josh got pissed when he found out that Marc
liked him back, so much that Josh almost moved out. So,
Marc and Damian decided they shouldn’t date, cuz of Josh…
but of course that didn’t work. So, they started dating
behind everyone’s back…including mine, but I’m not stupid
and I figured it out. It didn’t really matter much, cuz
Josh got over it and they could start dating exclusively.
It didn’t last long….Marc got bored or something and broke
it off, but of course he broke it off for a totally
different reason. He said he couldn’t trust him, cuz
Damian got drunk and kissed a girl…c’mon… Damian is REALLY
gay. I’m sure he wouldn’t have done that sober!! LOL But
anywhoooo, all the time between this…Damian and I kinda got
really close. I talked to him about stuff and he did
likewise, but somehow…we just kinda drifted apart. I can’t
exactly explain when that happened, but it did. I was
kinda hurt, but I’m glad I get to hang out with him today.

Okay so in my last entry…in the synopsis of me…I
said, “she’s trying to figure why the hell she hangs out
with gay bois”…well, I think I’ve figured it out. It’s
becuz they show me love and make me feel good about
myself. I’m not saying that str8 guys don’t have this
ability…I just wouldn’t know.

So, Marc and dude (James) are kinda finished, I think. He
hasn’t called in a couple of days and on Tuesday at Uptown…
he was really, really shady. He left without telling Marc
good-bye. I thought he was shady anyways…I told
Marc. “I’m too much of a sunny person, to be surrounded by
shady people”…LOL.

Josh is really mad at us (me, chris and marc), cuz on
Tuesday after the club we were really loud and I think he
heard me making fun of him. OOOPPPPSS….I said, “Josh, is
gonna Bust my neck, if we don’t shut up”…I mean,
hilarious. You prolly had to have been there, but my GOD
we were cracking up!!! Josh ran outta the room slammed his
door…got online and blasted some Alice Cooper! He really
put it to us!! LOL

Well, enough updating…see ya soon!! Bye

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