The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2002-10-17 20:26:31 (UTC)


Life is falling into place and it isnt looking up. Its
gonna be work school work school chicks dont like you work
school. Oh well. I did everything I could to make people
happy and Im just drained emotionally and physically and
just have an overall feeling of exhaustion.

Oh and this is my new favorite quote said by kenny from the
starting line about the album title say it like you mean
it "So I'm gonna say it like I mean it, I hope that my
ex-girlfriend gets hit by 18 wheeler mac truck and fucking
dies." It just got such a happy warm fuzzy feeling doesnt
it. Naw its just it was really funny when he said it and
it made me smile. Arent I sick bastard. See what trying
does to me. It makes me cynical and makes me hate the
world. God I hate when I act like this.

I know I must have a chemical imbalance.



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