pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-04 22:30:16 (UTC)

drinking mr sheen

i used to enjoy talking on the phone, but whenever it rings
now i feel like screeeeeeaming. it's gotten to the point
where i'm making stupid excuses just to get away... "oh,
SORRY, i have to go now, my mum's just come in and she
wants to use the phone," or "gotta go, i've got heaps of
homework to do, phone you back later..." but then i never
do. and then i feel bad afterwards because i lie, but there
you go.

yesterday elizabeth phoned me and i told her i tried
drinking mr sheen once and now she thinks i'm suicidal [not
to mention completely crazy].

i just down loaded this samantha mumba song, but it's not

but the sarah mclachlan one is.

i guess that's a good thing.

dum da. i like sarah mclachlan.


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