Jersey Girl
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2002-10-17 17:45:20 (UTC)

Jenny From the Block...

So let me just say that JLO used to be my idol, up until
last night! Wanna know why? Sure ya do!

My friend Tiffany won a contest to be an extra in JLO's new
movie called "Jersey Girl". It stars JLO and Ben Affleck.
Last night was filming. After everything was done, they got
to meet and greet JLO and Ben. Well, Ben was signing
autographs for everyone, and JLO was just standing there,
so Tiffany asked her "yo, can i get ure autograph?" and JLO
was like "No." Just flat out no. So Lisa, Tiff's friend
asked her "well, can i get one?" and JLO was like "Um, no!"
So Tiffany was really mad and she goes, "Yea? well fuck JLO
from the block!" realy loud, and JLO laughed a little bit
and Tiff just walked away. But hello??? How ignorant can u
be? Without the fans she would be N O T H I N G. So whats
the big deal, she cant write her name on a piece of freakin
paper? Her wrist gonna break? Poor baby. Whatever. LOL, i
just think its funny, and im so so so glad that Tiffany

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