2002-10-17 15:48:49 (UTC)


Its too bad I dont have the sophisticated thoughts of
the artsy educated people who usually write in these
online journals..im just a simple guy trying to clear is
head ...Maybe one day I'll think of something smart to
say ...and people will read and be suprised..and think im
sophisticated...but all in all I beieve that
spophistication is a role difined by that one person who
thinks you're intelligent and ..spreads the word....or is
it just a matter of bullshitting?.....what makes someone
deep..or wise for that matter?...is it looks with a
combination of words?...or is it just simple luck and
smooth charm?...the world is very exterior based ...no
matter how hard we say .."Im not superficail" we are and
we do go with the first thoughts that are provoked by the
first appearence of someone...think about this....are you
really what you say you are? ..or are you

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