2001-08-04 21:47:54 (UTC)

August 4, 2001

So I'm at home, doing absolutely nothing, because I told my
parents they could leave me at home. They offered to take
me to my LoLa's house or something, but nooo, i just had to
be too damn lazy to get up from my comfortable bed, and
now, i am stuck at home, doing nothingness. I have no
mail, because I am not special and so no one is going to
send me anything, so here i am working on my website. I
added a "doesnt it suck" page. I really like it. I don't
know what made me think of it, but it may be that my life
is just a living "doesnt it suck" page, i guess. Well, if
that was right, how come i cant think of things to put on
it? It's summer, im not spost to think, right? Well, i dont
know what to say, i cant really talk about my day, because
duh, i already told you about it. I'm stuck at home...
god, i have no life, i really really need something to do.
I'll link this on my website, because peoples need to see
what kind of loser i really am (if they havent figured it
out yet). I wish i could put something interesting on
here, like about someone i like (but i dont like anyone,
thats the thing), and about all this drama that happens
because of it, like on TV shows or something, but sorry, my
life isnt interesting like that. Hmm, i dont want to like
make my life all complicated anyways, i kinda like living
the simple life.