Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-04 21:37:27 (UTC)

Saturday, August 4th

Well, today has been interesting, my best friend drove in
suddenly from South Carolina, and came to visit, which I
thought was odd then I found out her mom had a light stroke
a few weeks ago. That is very scary, we have known each
other since we were 8 and our parents are very close
together in age. She has drove in to spend some time with
her mom and make sure she was okay and then she dropped by
to see my son to give him his belated birthday card. Then
her and my son started planning a long "weekend" for him
out there to visit her, she said he can take a direct
flight to Charlotte and she can pick him up there. I think
it is pretty cheap for kids to fly.

So, then during the course of our yard sale I informed
hubby that his theory of just "signing away" had a few
holes in it, mainly that signing away only means he gives
up rights to see his child and be part of its life it does
not mean he doesn't have to pay child support. He will
have to pay child support if it is his, even if he does
sign away. He asked how I found this out and I said
through my divorce attorney. He said, "Oh, that other guy
must have been wrong!"

I just can't understand how he can be so "no big deal" when
I worry about this every single day. My only guess is that
he is more at ease with this issue because he has known
they had sex since Feb 2000. He however just filled me in
around June 4th. From what the aunt told me as well, he
has know all along there was a chance it was his. He
supposedly told the girl that he would ease me into all
this and it would be okay. How is it he thinks I will just
say okay to this whole mess? He thinks he is doing me some
kind of favor getting me a baby by having one with someone
else? I don't need that kind of favor!!!

I am feeling like I have no choice but to go through the
temporary hearing on the 14th, I don't have the test
results, if they come back positive she would have her
claim filed before mine, and Ben and I would get screwed.
I am not about to pay the next 18 years of my life for
his "fun" whore. He made his choices now he needs to get
real and accept the consequences. I mean I guess there
would be time before the final judgement to get the test
back and all, but I feel like I have to protect my
financial butt here.