The jerk files
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2001-08-04 21:27:23 (UTC)

SaTURDay....Boring saturday.

well today we had a carwash for the youth and made some
good money...finally. Not too many people showed up. but
we still did good. Hey whats up with the b-ball i thought
we were supposed to play today. i guess not. Hmm what else.
Im trying to get my cousin mike to go into masters too. but
i think its not gonna happen. whatever.

here is a list of things i want.

1. Lose a few pounds and get buff.
2. Get REAL facial hair.
3. Get in touch with God and boost my walk with Him.
4. Get new shoes.
5. Have someone bless me with a new car.

well thats it. hope you enjoyed my lists. check back soon
for more things.