listen to my silences
2002-10-17 13:32:17 (UTC)

ignorance must be bliss

i hate how you read this
and believe
that it doesn't pertain to you
you think
you know everything about me
so you
don't worry about what's going on
or what i
may be thinking or going through
you believe
that you're the greatest friend
and that
you never offend or annoy anyone
and when
we tell you that you do
you pretend
that you want to fix it
but i know
that you really don't care
as long as
we think you want to change
then we'll
forgive and forget anything happened
if you
don't change at all
then how
can we forget what went on
i hate
that you think you're perfect
you'd never
be the one i was talking of
you just
act like it could never be you
and go on
being the same way
and keep
ignoring what i write
you'd never
dream that it was you
would you

final thought: you're wrong. it is.