the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-08-04 20:37:36 (UTC)


CURRENT MUSIC : the rock show ..BLINK 182

CURRENT MOOD : i AM SO COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I am gonna start standing up for myself .. God I let
people * mostly guys* step ALL over me and I am about to
let that all come to an end ! I can not take everyone and
their momma telling me something and then not doing it ..
or saying .. * I wanna drink * instead of coming to see
u ..!Ya know what I am tired of it .. I am not going to let
anyone .. and I mean ANYONE be rude to me ever again .. I
am not ugly by any means .. I am damn cute actually .. so
why should I sit up at nights and wonder if a boy is gonna
call .. or if I will see him this weekend .. I am better
than that ! and any guy is damn lucky to have me! I mean
that .. and not in a concetted way .. I mean there are
Millions and million of guys in this world and I can get
any one of them .. why the hell should I wait around on
guys that sct as though they have no time for me ! I knwo
I can do some much better .. but if I have this attitude
why the hell am I am about to cry ! I hate that peopl eget
to me .. I mean why do ineed to be tied down to anyone
right now .. but how come I can not tell this guy to jump
up a creek .. I guess I like the attention I get .. I mean
I dunno I give up .. I know it is gonna hurt me .. but I
give up ..I can not keep this little serade going on of
maybe I'll show up or maybe I won't ! I DON"T NEED
IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but I gotta go lates

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