A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-10-17 05:37:15 (UTC)

October 16, 2002--Lyndsay

The room is dark. The only light comes from the red
numbers of the alarm clock and a flickering candle in the
middle of the floor. She sits against the wall, knees up
with her arms holding her legs ever closer to her body. A
single tear drops down her soft face as she stares at the
cordless phone she holds in her hand. She puts it doen on
the blue carpet. Her head between her knees, her body
begins to shake with sobs.
Picking up the phone, she takes a deep breath and hits
redial. She needs to talk to him again. Even if it is
just one last time, she needs to tell him that she is
sorry. She needs to try one more time to get him back.
Her face drops into her knees again as the answering
machine picks up. She whispers into the phone, "Pick up.
I know you are there. I need you." After a long silence
she finally hangs up and throws the phone across the room.

Continued Tomorrow....