for show and tell
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2002-10-17 04:31:02 (UTC)

God Bless The Ring

I think it dwells in everyone's subconscious part of the
mind; the truth about everything. That is why people
randomly have revelations of the truth. Because one tiny
piece of the truth is slipped out because the person is
searching so hard for it. Searching so hard, so long.. You
know nothing, and then you die. That mask behind
everything clouds it all. It's really quite sad, and I
pity the human race as a whole. We're so damn smart, we're
dangerous. What do we do? Love God, and destory the Earth?
Think we're superior and ruin our bodies? Love something,
so in consequence hate it? Why are we so hypocritical? We
controverse everything to find everything is
controversial. What can we do? We're stupid, blind, little
monkeys, and God has made us stupid. We think we're smart,
and we are, compared to stupider humans of the past.
Aliens... Are they smarter than us? They must be! The
unknown frightens us to death, and the defense we have is
offense. Something comes near and we throw it away, when
it could have been that "right thing". Do you understand?